CONGRATULATIONS on your new pet leopard gecko! Leopard Geckos are unique pets. Here is a simple guide with some facts and instructions on how to care properly for your leopard gecko.

LIFE SPAN: Between 10 – 20 years.

NATURE: Leopard Geckos are generally docile and calm reptiles, if handled and cared for correctly. They are mostly solitary creatures and do not need company. They can be quite timid and might avoid interaction. They are mostly active at night.

DIET: Leopard Geckos eat insects such as mealworms, crickets and roaches. Insects should be live and not dried. Calcium powder with Vitamin D3 should also be sprinkled over food. A bowl of water is also necessary for hydration.

HABITAT: Leopard Geckos need a suitable size tank with slate, tiles, vinyl or artificial turf carpeting. They will need a hide, as well as bowls for water and food. Rocks, branches and other suitable décor can be added to their tank. A heating pad or heat lamp inside the tank will help regulate the temperature. Hygrometers can assist in ensuring optimum temperatures.

CARE: Leopard Gecko tanks should be cleaned weekly to avoid the smell and accumulation of decaying food. The tank should be rinsed with a weak bleach and water or F10 solution. Clean water should be available at all times.

When handling your leopard gecko be gentle and calm.

There are various shedding assist and mite products available should your gecko show signs of skin irritation.


If at any time your leopard gecko looks unwell or is not eating for extended periods or drinking, a vet can assist you in diagnosing what could be the problem. They are in general quite easy to keep and take care of.


Enjoy your new pet and be kind!

~Author: Chene Bush 2021

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